Why Have You Not Got Roof Damage Repaired?


Debunking Common Objections to Roof Replacements

Your first thought is probably “You don’t need a new roof.” You would probably follow that  up by stating facts about why you don’t need a new roof.

  • There no leaks in your roof
  • You don’t see any visible damage
  • You can’t afford it.

No Roof Leaks Myth

The absence of leaking from your roof is not a good reason to not get your roof replaced or repaired. In fact, once your roof begins to leak, you have waited too long to look at roof repair. Not only will you have to get your roof repaired, but now you will have to look at the cost of getting any water damage repaired also.

No Visible Roof Damage

Roof Damage to the Expert Eye

Do you see the roof damage in the above photo? If you don’t, you don’t have a trained eye for roof damage. Signs of a roof damage require a thorough inspection by a roofing expert. Don’t let your untrained eye lower the value of your home.

You Can’t Afford It

Did you know you insurance company will pay to have your roof repaired or replaced? A damaged roof that goes un-repaired could lead to more significant problems with your house. An insurance company would rather pay for the cost of a roof replacement than wait until you have more damage and pay larger cost.

Be warned! You have a year from the date of loss to file a claim. Do you know when the last hail storm hit your area? You can check StormerSite to retrieve the date of the last hail storm. For example, the last hail storm in Dallas can be located on this page.

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